Stirling East Primary School curriculum is based on the following areas of study: 

  • English
  • Mathematics 
  • Science 
  • History & Geography 
  • The Arts 
  • Technologies 
  • Health & Physical Education 
  • French 

These programs are based on guidelines provided by Australian Curriculum. 

We offer a diverse curriculum – academic and creative. The school enjoys consistent success in NAPLAN testing. We also encourage students to be divergent thinkers through  extra curricular activities such as Maths Olympiad, Da Vinci Decathlon, Robocup Challenge  etc) 

All students attend at least one lesson per week for each of our three specialist subject areas: 

Music: The school has a long history of a successful music program. Students R-6  experience the music curriculum whilst also having the opportunity to participate in Choir,  senior and junior band. All Year 2 students are introduced to a musical instrument via the  recorder and then the Ukulele in Year 4. The school also offers optional access to a vast  range of independent instrumental music tutors. 

French: With two French specialists employed (R-2 and 3-6) the school is well positioned to  offer an extensive language program which also exposes students to cultural perspectives and appreciation. 

Physical Education (PE): Beyond the PE curriculum our students gain the opportunity to  participate in broad range of competitive sports and activities, competing against other  individuals and school teams. Cross Country, cricket, football, softball, netball, soccer,  Mountain Biking, swimming and more are available to students. The school regularly enjoys  success at such events, contributing to a strong sense of individual and school pride. 

Digital Technologies: BYO iPad program 

We have been at the forefront of utilising digital technologies within the teaching and  learning program for a number of years. As Technology has evolved, so too has our  utilisation across the school. 

Technology will be an integral part of the professional and personal future for our students  and we seek to equip them with the knowledge to use technology effectively and  responsibly.  

The school operates a BYO iPad program R-6, encouraging and supporting families to  provide a device for their child. Parents can choose to purchase an iPad through the school,  entering into a payment plan or source their own device. Further information regarding the  BYO plan is contained in the documents below. An on-site technician is available to support  families with troubleshooting, setup and setting appropriate restrictions/management.  

We have been recognised as an Apple Distinguished School since 2012, the only Public  Primary school in South Australia. This Global Program acknowledges those schools who  deliver quality teaching and learning programs with Digital Technologies via the Apple  Environment. The school also has an number of Apple Distinguished Educators,  acknowledging individual expertise in this field. 

Restorative Practices and School Values 

At Stirling East we seek to not only succeed academically, but also to prepare our students to be successful citizens of the world. This is promoted through our school values of CARE  (Caring, Acting Responsibly, Respect and Effort) and also via our engagement with  Restorative Practices. 

Restorative Practices recognises that when those who have caused harm to others,  understand who they have impacted and in what way, their empathy for others is fostered.  Just as children’s minds are still developing academically at this age, so are their social skills.  Recognising that students will invariably make mistakes in this space, we treat these  moments as learning opportunities and by utilising Restorative Practices, rather than an  exclusively punitive approach, we develop better social citizens. A quick ‘Google’ of  ‘Restorative Practices’ will reveal further information on how it is undertaken within  schools.


Music is a major focus at Stirling East Primary School.

All students attend music lessons with a specialist teacher and there are many opportunities to learn an instrument, sing in a choir or play in a band. Professional music tutors teach private lessons in a wide range of instruments during school hours.

Currently, the school has a Beginner Band, Senior Band, Guitar Ensemble, Drum Ensemble and String Ensemble and. All Year 2 students learn the Recorder and Year 4 students learn the ukelele.  Student can join the junior or senior choir.

Concerts, assemblies and piano recitals are held throughout the year.

Students have been successful in winning music scholarships to Marryatville High School and to the non-government schools.