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Governing Council

Welcome to the Stirling East Primary School!  My name is Dave and I am the Chair of the Stirling East Primary School Governing Council.’

 I hope that you and your family have the opportunity to experience the wonderful and varied opportunities our school has to offer, and that like my family, you too will have many enjoyable experiences both in and around the school, and through your interactions with the school community.
To all the fabulous volunteers that help with the tasks that make up the life of a school community; from reading in the morning in class, through to helping in the uniform shop and the canteen, to attending school excursions and undertaking fundraising activities, thank you for your many hours of work, and for your contribution that assists in preserving our enviable reputation as one of the best schools in the Hills.
If you have ever thought about volunteering, please do not hesitate to contact a Governing Council member, or the front office, to discuss the many opportunities available.
One of the key roles of the Governing Council is to provide a voice for parents and the wider school community. To this end, all members of the Governing Council actively encourage parents and caregivers to contact any one of us. We also have a system of parent representatives established throughout each classroom that provide another avenue for the school community to raise any matters, that will then be conveyed to the Parent Representative Coordinator and the Governing Council. I urge you to utilise any of these avenues whenever you wish to raise an issue or idea.
Any member of the school community is very welcome to observe our meetings, and if you have an interest in being a member, to nominate at the next AGM. Governing Council meetings are held twice a term and the meeting dates are included in the school newsletter.
Dave Gerner – Chair, Governing Council

Contact email address:

Members of the Governing Council

The School Governing Council is made up of parents who are elected by the school community at the Annual General Meeting. The Principal and at least one other staff member are also part of the Governing Council.

The Governing Council works with the school to advise and in some instances make decisions within their constitutional mandate. Governing Council works in collaboration with the Principal and staff to support best practice in the achievement of agreed school goals.

Governing Council is also directly responsible for the administration of the school canteen and the OSHC.
A number of sub-committees are established to support the work of Governing Council . They include:
• Finance Advisory
• Environment/Grounds
• Canteen
• Fundraising
• Other committees determined on an as needed basis
Membership of these committees comprises members of the Governing Council along with interested parents and members of the staff as appropriate.

Squirrels Cafe

‘Squirrels Cafe’ is operated by the Governing Council who employs a Canteen Manager ably assisted by a fantastic group of volunteers.

The Canteen takes lunch orders 3 days a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Students can make ‘over the counter’ purchases from the canteen at recess and lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Lunches are ordered via the school’s online payment system – Flexischools (app or browser) Parents who are interest in volunteering in the canteen can enquire via the Front Office.

School Uniform

A uniform shop is located onsite and like canteen orders, purchases can be made via Flexischools. The Uniform shop is also open for face-to-face orders at the following times:

  • Monday: 2:45pm-3:15pm
  • Thursday: 8:30am-9:30am

Special opening hours leading up to the beginning of the school year will be communicated to parents.

Volunteers are always welcome. Please enquire via the Front Office.


Volunteers are an essential part of our school’s success. Volunteering is a fantastic way to  get to know people in the community, make friends and contribute meaningfully to the  education of the children – especially your own. There are a variety of ways parents can  choose to volunteer at the school either in an ongoing capacity, short term or one off.  Some examples (there are many more!) of volunteering options include: – Canteen 

– Uniform Shop 

– Helping at Excursions including the many Sporting events the school competes in.
– Helping in class (at the teacher’s request) 

– Working Bees 

– Governing Council 

Departmental policy requires parents who volunteer to have undertaken a Working With  Children Check and completed the ‘Responding to Abuse and Neglect’ Volunteer online  training program. Please contact the Front Office for further information.

Online Communications

The school utilises a core group of Digital Tools that streamline communication with our  school community. Primarily these include: 

Seesaw: Daily communication and information at a class and whole school level is sent via  the ‘Seesaw Family’ app. Each year parents are invited to join their child’s Seesaw ‘class’ via the app. 

Edsmart: Where parental permission is sought, parents will receive an Edsmart email  containing a digital ‘slip’ for completion. Permission includes attendance at excursions,  incursions, camps, sporting events etc. No app or joining by parents to Edsmart is required. 

Flexischools: Where a payment is required, parents utilise the Flexischools online  ordering/payment system. Available as an app or via a web browser, payments can be  made for excursions, camp, school fees etc. Flexischools is also used for Canteen and  Uniform orders.

Site Documents

Context Statement

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Site Improvement Plan

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Annual Report

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External School Review

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